Gomer Substitution
We understand Gomers have to drop out for various reasons after registering. Below are the steps to follow for substituting Gomers. Below is the form for the Captain to request a substitution. For each substitution, there will be a $10 charge, plus processing fees. You may choose to pay by check to avoid processing fees on the $10.00 substitution charge.

How it works:

1. Captain will inform us which Gomer needs to be deleted by filling out the form and paying the $10.00 substitution fee.
2. We will delete that Gomer's registration, without refund, and send a discount code to the Captain to provide to their new Gomer.
3. The new Gomer will register using the discount code.
4. The new Gomer will work out reimbursement to the deleted Gomer.

Note on the form:

The top information is the Captain's Name, Phone, and Email. Below that, will be the dropping-out runner's info.